We grew up in the 80’s with timeless characters, entertainment universe and brands.

We want to create the next classic universes for the coming generations.

And yes! We believe in unicorns, dragons, fairies, giant robots…and magic! 



A visionary and intellectually curious leader, Fred, Formerly founder, President and Chief Creative Officer of Hibernum, was leading and influencing all the creative, artistic and research and development aspects of the studio. At the head of Hibernum for over 12 years, Fred brought a creative vision and technological innovations to the studio while focusing on the worldwide recognition of Hibernum as creator of rich universes and an amazing place to build a career. His ability to lead and generate AAA quality product have helped him build Hibernum from a one person start-up in his apartment to 160 employees, generated upward of 60M USD in games contracts and entertained more than 75M players around the world.

Fred’s rich expertise takes its roots in various creative industries; video games, animation, toys, advertising, interactive content and graphic design, which lead him to bring a fresh perspective and new approach to develop and push original IP for entertainment and kid market.

Fred has been honing his creativity and business skills for the past 20 years, collaborating with high-profile partners such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Eidos, EA Mobile, Konami, Lego, Ubisoft, Megabloks, Mattel and Warner Bros.

Fred has participated on production of major mobile and console games development on AAA brands such as Disney Infinity Action!, Calling all Mixels, Lego City, Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, Pearl’s Peril, Cars Daredevil Garage – , Magic the Gathering- Puzzle Quest – Saber’s Edge (Hibernum IP),  Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match, Assassin’s Creed, Fruit Ninja, Deus Ex, Star Wars,…

He now focuses on building, in collaboration with his lovely wife, Aloha Studio as a studio that excels at creating amazing brands through innovation and best in class artistic and creative vision.


Julie has been working in the field of design and illustration for almost 20 years. First as a 3D artist in the video game industry on several Ubisoft successful games such as Prince of Persia, Myst, Playmobil, Disney Jungle Book, Star Wars and after as a children book and licensing illustrator for kids product. 

Through years Julie has built her expertise on creating and developing original characters design and universes working with several major Canadian and international children books editors such as Bayard, La Bagnole, Ma Bulle, Dominique et Cie, Cottage door press, Albatros media.

Working with known writers on acclaimed children books series she as developed her love and skills for storytelling. 

Julie also offers her creativity and colourful design to parents who want to add Whimsical touch to their kids room throughout her Etsy boutique. Happiness from her pencils to your home! 

Julie’s experience allowed her to collaborate on a wide range of projects. Julie focuses on creating great products full of color and happiness to make people smile.

Focusing on building Aloha studio in collaboration with her lovely husband, she brings to Aloha Studio an immersive, colourful and unique flavour to our IP and products that will entertainment generations of kids and families.


Aloha Studio is a creative shop that specializes in the development of entertainment and kids properties. Aloha Studio is the creative child of Fred Faubert and Julie Cossette, a fun-loving husband and wife team, that are also parents of 3 amazing girls. Aloha Studio is focusing its creative power on visual development and IP creation for Kids and Preschool market.

Through our love of storytelling, illustration, animation and characters development, Aloha Studio creates kids original properties and collaborates on visual development for clients projects which range from toys, animated series, kids apps, illustration, video games, children’s book and more.

Our creative shop is also our kids creative space, where like us they are exploring and expanding their creativity. They are also empowered by taking part of some of our ideas validation.


  • Kids & Family IP Development
  • Character and Universe Development
  • Art and Creative Direction
  • Illustration & Marketing Art 
  • Animation & Motion Graphic
  • Children Book & Graphic Novel
  • Video Game and App Design
  • Toys and board game design



We have experience creating, developing and commercializing AAA brands for video games, toys and the kids entertainment market.

A well planned approach to creativity:

  • Audience first approach 
  • Market and trends evaluation to drive development
  • Production and development oriented to minimize costs and ROI
  • Go to market strategy as part of the brand development strategy
  • Cross platform and market from the get go

Our team sums more than 40 years of experience on working with industry leaders of brand creation and management



We are curently working on secret projects. We are working on amazing  projects developing art and creative direction on new unannounced toy lines development, Characters design for mobile apps, and some 2D animation projects… 



Powered by our limitless imagination and our desire to entertain kids and family all around the world we are also developing original content. We are currently developing original concepts for tv/web animation, comics, video games and toys for preschool (2 to 6 years old). Stay tuned for more details!


You have a project you would like to talk to us about?

Let’s have fun together building successful and engaging kids entertainment brands and products!